Virtual Tour Login


Existing clients can log in to view all their listings photographed by Flow. Each property has a virtual tour website with all the photos. You can add a description and adjust the map for each listing. If you have a video or Matterport tour, you can add the link to your virtual tour with Flow.

Our virtual tours are single property websites that are automatically created for you when you have photos taken of your listings by Flow Real Estate Photography.

Why use single property websites like the virtual tours offered by Flow Real Estate Photography?

The real question people are asking is, “Do virtual tours work?” This is a very layered question because it comes with the presupposition that people know what a virtual tour is. Some people think of a virtual tour as still photos displayed in a slide show online. Others would say a virtual tour is made up of 360º photos that can be viewed on mobile and desktop devices. Some even call video walkthroughs virtual tours. The right answer is that there is no right answer. These are all tools available to realtors, property managers, and commercial realtors to help market their listings virtually online. But do they work? Let’s look at the facts. Virtual tours allow you to show off the specific features of your real estate listing. They also give you an online presence. In today’s marketing environment for real estate, everything starts online. Having virtual tours of your real estate listings gives you something that can be shared on social media, the MLS, and other websites. Using virtual tour websites helps to show the difference between you and other agents. You may even get more listings by mentioning that their home will have its own unique website. If your competition does not offer a virtual tour website that may help you land the deal. There are also search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. All of your single property real estate websites are more than likely linked together under the umbrella account. This is usually a landing page that has your contact information and bio as well as a gallery of your listings. When someone clicks on one of your listings they are taken to the single property website. We already know that professional photos and video have been proven to sell homes faster. Do virtual tours help as well? In an online centered world they do.

We have redefined the term virtual tour. At Flow, every listing we photograph comes with a free virtual tour website. These are also known as single property websites. There are six virtual tour templates to choose from so you can change the look and feel of the website to something that looks great to you. Each template can be customized with your logo, profile photo, and branding colors. We provide a branded link and an unbranded MLS approved link. The branded version of your Flow virtual tours display your branding and have a place for your phone number and email address. There is also a contact form on each real estate virtual tour that will be forwarded to your email address when someone is requesting more information.

Think of the free virtual tours offered by Flow Real Estate Photography as a landing page for each of your listings. Having virtual tours gives you something that can easily be shared and tracked. On your virtual tour dashboard you will see how many views each real estate virtual tour website has had. You are able to track the effectiveness of these online virtual tours yourself directly from your dashboard. You can email a link for your virtual tours to everyone in your real estate database. This could lead to more home sales in a shorter amount of time.

In Oklahoma, real estate photography has become an essential part of every realtor’s marketing plan. There are more options than just uploading your real estate photos to the local MLS (multiple listing service). Social media is a great place to share links to your virtual tour websites. These social media posts can be boosted to run as advertisements to a specific target market. Using the powerful analytic tools available on Facebook you can ensure the effectiveness of your ads and track social media engagement in real time. The unbranded links provided for your virtual tours can be plugged into the MLS as a virtual tour link. Then the listing will syndicate out to websites like and

What can be added to my Flow virtual tour?

Your photos are automatically added to your Flow virtual tour. If you have any other images that may help to give more information about your listing, you can add those to your tour as well. Some examples may include flyers and floorplans. Matterport links can be added so that your 3D tour is embedded onto the single property website. If you have a video of your listing, the link can be added and the video will appear on the website. The Google map in the virtual tour can be adjusted to show the exact location of the home. Move the marker so it shows the most accurate location on the map.

There are many virtual tour and single property website companies out there. Most of them are considered a software as a service and cost a monthly or annual fee. Flow virtual tours are absolutely free and come standard with every listing we take photos of. This means you are getting for free something that others are paying a subscription for. You are able to stand out from your competition without having to put up another investment. This is another way we strive to add value. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to make our virtual tour system better, please contact us and let us know. Our goal is to keep our virtual tours free while at the same time making them an actual value for you.