We all know that most buyers start online when searching for their next home purchase. Whether they use,, or one of the many other listing sites, they are browsing through hundreds of real estate listings before making a decision. Real estate photography is so crucial in the home selling process. If you want your real estate listings to stand out from the others in search results, you will need to make sure you use professional quality photos. Take a look at a gallery of some of our work if you are looking for professional real estate photography in Oklahoma.

How Flow can make you stand out:

Real Estate Photography –

We provide full coverage real estate photography for Realtors, home builders, apartment communities, and commercial realtors. The exterior of a home is usually used as the main listing photo. This is often called the front elevation. We suggest getting at least 5 photos of the front of the home where you can see the whole house. Then it is important to get a couple shots of the front porch. Using drones we can capture a very unique perspective. A slightly elevated drone shot of the front of the home can make the home appear larger than the same photo taken at ground level. Homes that sit on acreages really benefit from drone photography at Flow. We can fly up to the legal altitude limit to capture the exterior of  even the largest estates. Interior real estate photos need the most training and experience to master. With interior real estate photography it is especially difficult because you are dealing with many different sources of light. The color temperature of sunlight coming in the home is much different from the color of the lightbulbs in the light fixtures. This creates a competition of light. Our photographers are trained to notice these subtle nuances and adjust accordingly to capture the natural appearance of the home’s interior. The real magic happens in post production when the photos are transferred to a computer for editing. We have built a process and system that guarantees a consistent photo quality for our clients.

Real Estate Video –

There are many reasons you would want to include real estate video in your marketing plan. The first glaring reason is because almost everyone on social media is consuming video content daily. Our real estate video tours are produced in full HD and are perfect for sharing on social media. We host our video tours on Vimeo so that you can share the unbranded video link on the MLS. We also upload them to YouTube which is the number 2 search engine in the world. Our virtual tour websites also come with unbranded links that are approved by OKCMAR for the MLS. Because we are Zillow Certified Photographers, we can upload the unbranded version of your real estate video tours to Zillow for you at no additional charge. This helps to rank your real estate listings higher in the Zillow search results.

Zillow 3D –

Our Zillow 3D tours are integrated with the Zillow and Trulia listing platforms. We create a 360º real estate photo of each room and the Zillow platform creates a virtual tour. The experience of an engaging 3d virtual tour gets more views than a standard listing with photos only. The Zillow 3D tours can also be shared via a link on social media or your website. The Zillow listings that have a 3d tour are given a special badge that makes them stand out from the rest. These tours can also be used in listing presentations. Sellers want to know that their real estate agent in Oklahoma is up to date on all the newest marketing technology.

Matterport 3D –

Whether you’re a realtor, property manager, or home builder Matterport tours can elevate your marketing. According to Matterport, people are 95% more likely to click on a real estate listing if it has a 3D tour. (

Matterport is different than Zillow 3D in that Matterport tours are hosted on the Matterport platform. Matterport also features the famous doll house view that shows a zoomed out 3d interactive model that can be spun around to view the layout and even the floor plan of your real estate listings.

All of the services you can find here in our online gallery have been proven to get more attention to thousands of real estate listings in Oklahoma. This means they often sell faster and for more money which means more commission for you. The best reason we think why you should use our services is because you can get more listings when you include professional marketing services. Homeowners want to know that you are doing everything you possibly can to sell their home for top dollar. If you are in competition with another agent for the business, you can have an ace in the hole if you mention that you have a professional photography team.

If you have questions about real estate photography, real estate video, Zillow 3d, or Matterport 3D, please feel free to contact us via the contact page on our site or email We would be happy to help with questions about pricing. Our turnaround time for photos is always next day. Real estate video tours are delivered in two days. Zillow 3D tours are available the same day. Matterport tours can also be turned around the same day.

Would you like your listings shared on social media? We are more than happy to share your listings on our social media page upon request. Just shoot us a message and we can make a post and tag you in it. This is a great way to get the word out about your listing to our real estate community in Oklahoma. So, click book now on our website to find out why Flow Real Estate Photography is the highest rated and most reviewed real estate photography company in Oklahoma.