Flow Photos Give Back

When you book a real estate photo shoot with Flow, you are making a difference around the world!

We believe that if everyone gives a little we can make a lot of change. That is why we are committed to donate $1 from every photoshoot to Safari Mission. Safari Mission helps to train up leaders and transform people’s lives in East Africa. Remember your first shoot with Flow is only a dollar and that dollar will make an even greater impact across the globe.

Safari Mission

The focus of Safari Mission is to give people the knowledge and tools they need to build a life for themselves and the world around them. They offer more than just the typical quick-fix approach that creates a dependency problem. They are committed to giving people what they need to actually succeed in life.

Have you considered that most charity organizations will hand out supplies and food freely but never train the people on the skills needed to actually provide for themselves? Safari Mission has a long term focus and strategy to work on fixing the real problem.

For example on their website they discuss how they help kids by first teaching and empowering the parents to live better lives. Their parents become productive members of the community. The end result of this are the children having better lives, better schools, better clothes, and the need for orphanages goes away almost entirely. You can see for yourself the countless testimonies of lives forever changed by Safari Mission.

Our business is an example of starting with nothing and building something special. We want to see this opportunity given to people everywhere but we did not know where to start. That’s where Safari Mission comes in. They are truly in the life transforming work. We love how they are equipping leaders to lead well. They are helping to take people with little skill and train them up to add great value to the marketplace. Many will go on to start thriving businesses they can pass down to their children and their children’s children. We are thrilled to be able to partner with Safari Mission to resource communities in East Africa with the tools needed to no longer be dependent on foriegn aid.

Almost all of the work done through Safari Mission is done by the locals. This ensures that they can learn the pathway to success themselves by actually doing the action items needed. Then they can in turn share those practices with others. That is a tide that is guaranteed to lift all ships. Instead of hiring leaders from other countries to come in, Safari Mission trains the local leaders and managers.