You will be able to experience your top real estate photography OKC fot the first time for just $1! We are Oklahoma’s highest rated and reviewed real estate photography company. You can schedule your first shoot for just one dollar. If you go on our website you’ll be able to view our gallery of all the phenomenal photos we have been from flow photos for customers. You’ll find several examples of our real estate photos. I want to share it will show you that you will be satisfied with it quality of photos that you were received. You’ll be able to reach out to our website for more resources and services.

Our goal is to comply with the resources of able to help your real estate business. We have created a photo prep checklist with along with a suggested apps that you’ll be able to keep checking back what’s up some tools as we find them. Both of those is your top real estate photography OKC. You’ll be able to get a virtual open house solutions with live reacting this will allow you to upload pre-recorded photos it’s like another feed you may have. We have an app called the over app this is this simple app that allows you to add text over your photos. And we also offer diptic which you’re able to create photo collages and add texts and stickers over your photos.

And the top rated photography company for your real estate needs in Oklahoma. We want to make sure that we deliver the best experience for you as possible. We are very confident that you will walk away with photos that you love. And after the photo shoot we are done with you yet will be here with you throughout your whole listing process. If your listing is lost with photos that we have previously done before will be able to do redo a photo shoot for free. Being Top real estate photography OKC flow photos is determined to give our customers the best experience.

Most homebuyers start the research online and we know it’s important to do first impression photos, not only is first impression photos count but here’s a few tips for your home for your best photo experience. You’ll want to clean your whole house that’s including vacuum the carpet, mop her floors, clean countertops and clean your windows. Turn on all overhead lights and lamps on. Make sure your ceiling fans are off. For good lighting and for same temperature and for all compact fluorescent make sure you replace all of your burnt out lightbulbs, when changing out your lightbulbs make sure you use the same temperature bulbs. Turn on all the TVs and computer screens as they appear to not give off a glare. Remove all personal photographs, It’s not have anything later on such as shoes and jackets a good place for these would be in the closet.

For more information about her photography solutions and what we offer as a photographers in Oklahoma for your real estate needs or can give us a call at 405 664 7885 or you can visit our website for more information and tips by visiting us at

Top Real Estate Photography Okc | Tips For The Best Experience

Even though we are the top real estate photography OKC, we are here to help you deliver the best of photos to your online gallery when selling your next home. Here if you see if you tips to get quality photos when cleaning your living room make sure that you remove all the stock magazines, papers, mail and all any other type of paperwork. Decluttering your fireplace mantle to make the best quality photos we suggest no more than five items including are on your meal tour or hearth of your fireplace. Clean the interior of your fireplace and repaint if needed. Fluffing arrange furniture pillows and remove kids toys/dead dog toys. For your front exterior make sure your garage doors are closed, remove all cars out of your driveway in front of your home. Clean up landscaping, that will include trimming at your shrubs mowing your grass and clear any leaves. Remove all empty planters and replace with a full planters if option. Use room to remove cobwebs I am leaves from all of your door frames. Remove all visible water hoses, remove toys, sports balls, any basketball goals, soccer goals pet toys and whatever else is near our yard. We want it to look flawless as we are taking pictures.

Forgot to take quality photos of your backyard we would like to have a clean porch that is tidiedup, make sure you outdoor tables/chairs/cushions and pillows/cushions all of it should be fresh and not faded in color. Flow Photos is determined to bring you the Top real estate photography OKC. We are giving you tips to achieve these goals. For your dining room we would want you to have a clear table, dust and polish a table top used decorative plates in settings of available. One centerpiece such a poo poo K flowers can do wonders. You don’t want to straighten up all your spaces and straighten all the chairs and the spaces between the chairs and the table, make sure they are all spaced evenly. Remove all child seats/booster chairs. For all of your bedroom photos we would like to see it make the bed, including decorative pillows shams if available, press bed liners and bed skirts. Clear night sounds of all personal items including charging cables, phones, and tablets. Remove all clutter from the top of your dressers, remove family photos from walls. Make sure that under your bed is clean and removed of items that they may may shown in the photos. Remove personalized names from the walls and remove all wall sticker and posters, and remove all diaper genies.

We want to make sure you are getting the best out of your photography photo shoot. We are Top real estate photography OKC and we have given you tips to be able to get the best of your experience. For your bathrooms and pets we want you to have clean countertops, no soap, toothbrushes, medication‘s and deodorant etc. put all toilet seats down and close they remove all shampoo and soaps from the showers remove dirty towels and leave all the new unused towels and remove all floor mats. For all pet items we would like for you to store away with during our photo shoot to give you the best quality for quality leads.

Please give us a call at 405 664 7885 any further questions and to see if you qualify for a dollar photo shoot today. For more tips about creating the best experience for your homebuyer start and first impressions you can visit our website at