From smartphones to super expensive cameras, the need for photography is easily filled in our current economy. Pictures are the first thing people see now days when they are thinking about buying something. When we are talking about real estate photography okc we all know that professional photographers do a great job at taking pictures of houses. Yes there are are many other things that a person may take a photo of. This sometimes will include the need for real estate drone photography. When that comes up it is time to go up. Up in the sky to capture a better picture. This is because photography can be used for marketing and other uses.
Drone photos are free at Flow when you book an appointment for photos. We will dispatch one of our drone pilots to your listing to capture the normal exterior and interior pictures. Then they will fly their UAV into the sky and take pictures of several angles of the house and if you want neighborhood amenity photos we can help with that as well. It really does not matter what neighborhood you find yourself in having a good drone photo will help. We however cannot fly close to airports and some hospitals because of rules lined out in the Part 107 FAA rules. Those rules determine what is safe and what is reckless when it comes to flying a drone for commercial use.
Another type of photography that is often used for real estate is detail photographs. Real estate photography in OKC depends not only on getting the great wide angle shots that are so common. Detail real estate shots are also of huge importance. These are usually close up photos of the different features in a home. Some examples of details might include the doorbell, the door knocker, the door handle, light fixture, water faucet, window, ornate woodwork, staircase, railing, hardware, and more. Detail photos look much different that typical Real Estate Photography OKC. They will sometimes feature the bokeh effect where the background is blurred out but the object in focus will be super sharp. This is a great tool to be used by home builders as they often have special features in their homes that many people are looking for.
You may have a real estate listing coming up that could benefit from professional real estate photography. It is a service that will not only help you sell homes but also get more listings. Sellers know that technology is absolutely essential today. They will be expecting you to pull out all the stops to market their listing. If you won’t your competition will. So make the best decision you have ever made and reach out to us about taking photos at that next real estate listing.
If you are ready to experience the highest rated Real Estate Photography OKC, give Flow a call at 405.664.7885 and claim your very first photo shoot for only $1. This offer is available to home builders and realtors. We make this offer because we know you will love our quality and customer service.