Flow Real Estate Photography began in April 2013. Ryan Wells was working at a church and his grandmother’s restaurant in Carnegie, OK. He would drive back and forth from Oklahoma City, OK to help his grandmother cook in the kitchen. While also working at the church he found a love for photography. A friend of his in the church gave his name to a Realtor who hired him to take pictures of a real estate listing. So he taught himself how to do real estate photography in OKC. The first thing to do is to go on YouTube and search for how to do real estate photography. Then do what they say to do and make it better as you learn what better looks like. Ryan found what better looks like when it comes to professional photography for real estate in Oklahoma City. His first year he photographed 65 houses and was starting to make a name for the then called Real Estate Photography OKC. We decided that it was more than just OK so we changed the name to Flow. Over the next few years the team at Flow has grown and we have now photographed thousands of houses for realtors and home builders in the Central Oklahoma area. This would include the metro and all over the state.
We have seen ups and downs in the real estate industry especially flipping from a buyers market to a sellers market and back and forth over and over again. This is why people understand that there is a great need for real estate photography in OKC. Professionals use professionals to get the job done and and excel in their marketing efforts. Take into consideration all of the listings for real estate that do not include professional real estate photography in OKC. They are usually taken with a cellphone camera. This is why they come out super dark and often times very blurry. Your phone does not have the ability to capture the full dynamic range of light and color in your photos. It is not made to be used in a professional setting unless your plan is just to document what is there instead of reaching into the very soul of buyers and creating desires that will draw people to look at more of your Real Estate Photography OKC.
If you want to stand out in your marketing you will want to get your cellphone and not take photos but instead pull up the phone app and put in 405-664-7885 and hit send. You will be calling Flow Real Estate Photography in OKC to discuss how we can help you sell your listings in half the time using the proven system that has helped thousands of real estate agents sell homes all over the Oklahoma area. You can also fill out the contact form on our website for more information about real estate photography okc, real estate video okc, real estate virtual tours okc, real estate 3d tours okc, and real estate marketing okc. Have questions? We are here to help.